07/07/20 Grif.Net – Reality

07/07/20 Grif.Net – Reality

[Faced with =
horror of an unseen enemy in a virus and then the terror from the =
visible enemy of anarchy destroying America, I’m glad many friends =
still retain a good sense of humor. The NY Times in April said “It =
is okay to try to find humor in some of this.”  So smile . . =
even if just for a brief moment.]


Sharon C =
admitted, “My husband bought a world map, gave me a dart and said. =
‘Wherever it lands, I will take you for a holiday when this =
pandemic is over.’
Turns out we’re spending two weeks =
behind the fridge.”


Susan H says, =
“I’m hoping for a Disney ending to all this, but preparing =
for a Shakespeare ending.”


Colma C shared, “The re-opening of the LEGO store =
after the three month shut-down must have been a great success.
I =
heard that people were lined up for blocks.”


Tim M is working on a solution: “I’ve been told that =
COVID-19 can be spread by handling cash, so I’m starting a =
money-laundering operation.”


Mai L wondered, “Anyone else out there getting a tan =
from the light in your refrigerator?”


Mike B said, =
“No problems in our big cities. Some mayors have redefined =
‘looters’ simply as ‘undocumented =


Mary C asked, =
“Have you heard the joke about getting attention off =
covid-19?  It’s a riot.”


Chuck S =
related, “If you have to wear a mask and glasses, you are entitled =
to condensation.”


Rachel O told us, “I told my suitcases the sad news =
that because of the Corona Virus there would be no vacation this =
year.  Now I have to deal with emotional =



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