06/24/20 Grif.Net – Teaching at Home (part 1)

06/24/20 Grif.Net – Teaching at Home (part 1)

[With schools =
closed for 3 months, I taught my kids at home.  Here are some =
answers to the end-of-the-year tests to prove the excellent job I =


Q: Who was =

A: A Russian =


Q: Name the =
days of the week that begin with the letter =

A: Tuesday, =
Thursday, Today and Tomorrow


Q: In what =
section of the library would you find books on =

A: Under =
“Light Reading”


Q: Explain the =
difference between “ignorance” and =

A: I =
don’t know and I don’t care


Q: Name a =
legendary creature that was half man and half animal?
A: Buffalo =


Q: Where would =
a person go to rent a tuxedo?

A: Any place =
that suits him


Q: If you were =
in Florida at Cape Kennedy, what would you be =

A: Having a =


Q: In a =
sentence, use the word “politics”.

A: My parrot =
Polly swallowed a watch and now Polly ticks


Q: How do you =
get down off a duck?

A: You =
don’t.  You get down off a horse.


I did =
encourage my daughter.  She was always worried about failing math, =
and after this test I told her, “You worries are over, =



Dr Bob Griffin = =

"Jesus =
Knows Me, This I Love!"