06/01/20 Grif.Net – First of the PUNth

06/01/20 Grif.Net – First of the PUNth

[Which do you =
like most – a play on stage or a play on words?=A0 First weekday =
of the month is your ticket to high-brow word play and puns.=A0 Hope you =
discover where you can find some.]


Overheard the =
lawn guy talking to his girlfriend: “I love you mower today than =
yesterday, but not as mulch as tomorrow.”

My friend is =
single and claims to be footloose and =


Sherlock =
Holmes walked into his house with a basket full of lemons.
Watson =
asked, "Where did you get so many lemons?" =

Holmes =
replied, "A lemon tree, Watson..”


My doctor: =
"Bob, I’m afraid your DNA is backwards." =

Me: =


The pessimist =
says, “Dr. Bob’s puns can’t get any worse”. The =
optimist counters, “Oh, yes they =


Dr Bob Griffin = =

"Jesus =
Knows Me, This I Love!"