05/18/20 Grif.Net – Virus Among Us

05/18/20 Grif.Net – Virus Among Us

Vincent M =
asked, “Does anyone know how long toilet paper will last if you =
freeze it?”


Tim M warned, “The Flat Earth Society is worried =
that social distancing will push people over the =


Scott C admitted, “If I had known in March that this =
was my last time to eat in a restaurant for two months, I’d have =
ordered dessert.”

Ellen F asked, “They say that =
exercise my kill this virus, but just how do you get them to =


Wayne M pondered, “The quarantine has gone on too =
long. Things are getting a little weird in the neighborhood. By the way, =
what’s the usual number of pall bearers for a hamster =


Mark M announced, “For the first time since 1945, =
the virus forced the Scripps Spelling Bee to  be  cancil, ah =
cansul, er canced, um called off.”


John G reported, “Marijuana is legal. Haircuts are =
not. It took fifty years, but the Hippies have finally =


Ken H. said =
“After the virus scare is over, I hope to travel to Greenwich, =
England, but don’t know what I’ll do in the mean =



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