05/04/20 Grif.Net – Virus Updates from my Friends

05/04/20 Grif.Net – Virus Updates from my Friends

Wanda R =
confessed, “2020 came out all looking like a warm chocolate chip =
cookie.  Then one bite, and WHAM.  Oatmeal =


Richard G =
announced: “Since 500 people can be in Home Depot at one time, =
next Sunday’s Church service will be held in Aisle 27, =


William R =
said, “I don’t think anyone expected that when we changed the =
clocks we’d go from Standard Time to the Twilight =


Vincent M =
warned: “Love like Jesus, but wash your hands like Pontius =


Christine C =
advertised, “I am still doing hair and nails every day. Keep going =
outside without a mask and I’ll take care of you as well, here at =
the funeral home where I work.” 


Jim S related, =
“Found a piece of paper stating that all the restrictions have =
been lifted.  It’s kind of old, though. Dated =


Paul O =
related, “I may sleep tonight on the couch to cut down on my =
morning commute.”


Carol B saw a dating ad: “Single man with TP seeking =
single gal with hand sanitizer for good clean fun.”


Melvin H =
warns: “Stay home. =
Practice social distancing. Clean yourself often. OH, NO! We’re becoming =

Ken M mentioned, “The wife and I are =
both quarantined at home. If I die, I assure you it was not the virus =
that killed me.”


Linda said, =
“The Corona Virus life is 6 ft apart, no hugging, no kissing, and =
no social interaction. It is like being married, but with a =


Tim M =
declared, “Due to the quarantine, I’m only telling inside =



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