05/02/20 Weekend Grif.Net – Can’t See Everything Now

05/02/20 Weekend Grif.Net – Can’t See Everything Now

For a woman =
who was blinded at 6 weeks of age and never had the ability to =
“see” or “watch”, Frances Jane Crosby van =
Alstyne (better known to Christians as simply Fanny Crosby) saw with =
eyes of faith better than most see physically today.  We celebrated =
the 200th anniversary of her birth a few weeks ago, but with =
the present quarantine, were unable to hold our public church service =
and sing a planned selection of her songs.


She wrote =
poems/lyrics for more than 8900 Gospel hymns and songs, did rescue =
mission work, was a deaconess at the Sixth Avenue Baptist Church in =
Brooklyn, a teacher, nurse and eloquent speaker.  In 1843, she was =
the first woman to speak before the US Senate, advocating education for =
the blind.  One of her songs struck a chord in me the week after =
Resurrection Sunday and retelling again and again the story of =
Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection.  It reminded me to =
“see the big picture” of redemption and what God did in =
purchasing my salvation.  “Saved by Grace” is a theme =
that will never grow old.


1.    Someday the =
silver cord will break, and I no more as now shall sing;
But, oh, the =
joy when I shall wake within the palace of the King! =

o    Refrain:=

And I =
shall see Him face to face, and tell the story – Saved by =

2.    Someday my =
earthly house will fall; I cannot tell how soon ’twill be;
But =
this I know—my All in All has now a place in heaven for =

3.    Someday, when =
fades the golden sun beneath the rosy tinted west,
My blessed Lord =
will say, “Well done!” And I shall enter into =

4.    Someday – till =
then I’ll watch and wait, my lamp all trimmed and burning =
That when my Savior opes the gate, my soul to Him may take =
its flight.


Dr Bob Griffin = =

"Jesus =
Knows Me, This I Love!"