03/20/20 Grif.Net – Even MORE About the Body

03/20/20 Grif.Net – Even MORE About the Body

[Last day, I =
promise. I just revel in the miracle of life and how God made the =
amazing human body]


1. The =
strongest muscle in the human body is in the =


2. =
Coincidently, the hardest bone in the human body is the =


3. The =
fingernail on your middle finger grows the fastest. [Do not hold it up =
to show your co-workers]


4. We have =
only 6 muscles that control the eyeball, 12 muscles to smile, 11 muscles =
to frown and 200+ muscles to take a single step.


5. The =
esophagus in about 10 inches long. It takes 8 seconds for food to travel =
its length.


6. Your body =
creates 2,500,000 red blood cells every second.


7. While the =
average human head weighs 10 pounds, the average brain weighs only 3. =
[obviously a lot of wasted space up there]


8. The largest =
blood vessel (your aorta) is the diameter of a garden hose.  The =
smallest vessels (capillaries) are so small it takes ten of them to =
equal the width of a single hair.


9. There are =
2,600,000 sweat glands on the body, with more concentrated on the soles =
of your feet than anywhere else.


10. If =
uncoiled, the DNA in all your cells would stretch from here to Pluto =
(about 10,000,000,000 miles)



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