02/28/20 Grif.Net – Even MORE Marriage Counseling with Wayne & Mary

02/28/20 Grif.Net – Even MORE Marriage Counseling with Wayne & Mary

Mary and I once had to appear in court for domestic =
problems. The judge asked Mary, "Why did you hit your husband with =
a chair?"

Mary replied, "Because the =
table was too heavy!"


Not too long ago Mary went to a fortune teller who asked, =
"So, did  you come to find out about your husband’s =

Mary answered, "Heavens no! =
I came to find out about his past. Then I’ll decide his =


Mary told me =
that a married man should simply forget all his =

Then added, =
“There’s no use in two people remembering the same =


Mary said, “Quick! You vacuum and dust and I’ll =
clean the bathroom and scrub the floor.”

I had to ask, “What’s the =

She =
replied, “The cleaning lady is coming over in an =


Mary asked, =
“Do you love me?”

Wayne =
responded: “Yes, dear.”

Mary then =
added “Would you die for me?”

Wayne had to =
say “No. Mine is an undying love.”


*** ANSWERS to =
Yesterday’s Quiz***

1872       Luther =
Crowell’s paper bag manufacturing machine

1876       Julius =
Wolff’s first canned sardines

1878       Thomas =
Edison’s phonograph invented to record and play =

1885       Washington =
Monument dedicated (started nearly 40 years earlier)

1903       Ladies Home =
Journal became first magazine with one million =

1912       Jules =
Vedrines broke the 100mph barrier in a plane

1928       Figure skater =
Sonja Henie won 3 Olympic gold medals in St Moritz

1931       Alka Seltzer =

1945       US Flag =
raised on Iwo Jima

1947       Edwin =
Land’s instant developing camera (polaroid)

1964       Ed Sullivan =
introduces the Beetles to US television

1971       =
President’s Day national holiday (combining Washington and =
Lincoln’s birthday holiday)




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