02/14/20 Grif.Net – Perils of Parenting (part 5)

02/14/20 Grif.Net – Perils of Parenting (part 5)

At the supper =
table, 9-year old Malachi asked, “Mom, where did I come =

A hush fell over the table and everyone looked at =
Mom for her answer.  While nervous and unsure of herself, she =
mustered the courage to try to get a simple explanation of love, sexual =
relations and the birth process.  When she was done, she felt =
relieved at how she’d explained this difficult subject with =
hopefully just the right amount of detail.


Malachi took =
it all in quietly, trying to think it through.  Finally he said, =
“Wow. Wait ‘till I tell my new friend Seth.  He told me =
he came from Ohio.”



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