01/29/20 Grif.Net – More Marriage Counseling (with Wayne and Mary)

01/29/20 Grif.Net – More Marriage Counseling (with Wayne and Mary)

Wayne asked Mary, "Honey, what do you like most about =
me–my rippling muscles, my winsome personality or my handsome =

Mary chuckled and answered, =
"Your sense of humor!"


Mary called me yesterday, and when I answered, she said, =
"Knock, knock!"

I don’t like "Knock, =
knock" jokes, but I good-naturedly asked, "Who’s =

"It’s the love of your =
life!" she replied excitedly.

I retorted, "Now, how can =
that be? Everyone knows chocolate can’t talk!"


At a restaurant enjoying a lunch with Mary, I often =
referred to her as ‘Honey’, ‘Dear’, and =
‘Precious’. When she got up to powder her nose, our waiter =
came over and said, "I think it’s wonderful that you have such a =
loving relationship with your wife to call her all those endearing =

I replied, "It’s necessary. =
I forgot her name three years ago."


The other day I told Mary, "Hey Honey, I just ordered =
groceries on line."

"Oh, really?" she =
replied, "You just sent me an email telling me I need to buy =

"That’s what I said," I =


I’ve been teaching and preaching for fifty =
years.  Mary has been forced to listen to me all that time. =

I asked her, “Do you think I’m a good =

She smiled and =
quickly replied, “I think you have more ability in your whole body =
than most pastors have in their little =



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