12/31/19 Grif.Net – Random Thoughts on New Year’s Eve

12/31/19 Grif.Net – Random Thoughts on New Year’s Eve

When I watch =
the crowd in Time Square as they “drop the ball”, it does =
remind me of almost everything I did in 2019.


For everyone =
who received a book from me at Christmas, just a reminder that they are =
due back at the library tomorrow.


My friend =
asked me how I saw myself in the coming year.  Not sure.  Wish =
I had 2020 vision.


Hanukkah =
celebrated the fact of oil enough for just one day’s use in the =
menorah lasted eight days. For Hanukkah 2019 this past week, I just =
recreated that miracle with my tube of =


I will fulfill =
my first resolution, to read more in the new year.  I just clicked =
on the subtitles for all the TV programs.


I’ll =
keep my second resolution, too.  It says, “Break all the rest =
of your New Year’s Resolutions”.


No wild =
partying this New Year’s Eve for me.  In the past I’ve =
made many pour decisions I regretted.


I was going to =
stop all my bad habits on January 1st, but then remembered =
that none of my friends like a quitter.



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