12/30/19 Grif.Net – Another Round of Marriage Counseling

12/30/19 Grif.Net – Another Round of Marriage Counseling

[My friends Wayne and Mary may still be facing challenges =
in their relationship]

Mary once curtly remarked to me, "You =
twist everything I say to your advantage!"
I replied, "Wow, thanks for =
the compliment!"


Mary suggested I should donate my brain to science after I =
die.  I was pleased that she thought this was a good =

Then she added, “I guess even a little bit =


Mary observed, "It has been raining for days now, and =
my husband seems very depressed by it. He just stands at the window, =

She concluded, “If it continues, I guess I’m going =
to have to let him in."


Mary was taken to the hospital and when I asked her =
condition, the nurse replied, “I’m sorry to say, she’s =

All I could wonder was, =
"What in the world is she griping about now?"


Mary and I had some quite animated disagreements during =
the first couple of years of our marriage. Once I became so heated, I =
threw a bowl of Jell-O at her.
Next thing I knew, she had me =
arrested for carrying a congealed weapon.


Mary usually goes with me when I go in for a medical =
checkup. Once the doctor asked me, "Do you do any dangerous =

Before I said a word, she replied, "Well, I can tell =
you that sometimes he talks back to his wife."



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