12/26/19 Grif.Net – Sending Checks

12/26/19 Grif.Net – Sending Checks

Last Christmas, Grandma was feeling her age and found that =
shopping for Christmas gifts had become too difficult. So, she decided =
to send checks to everyone instead.

In each Christmas card she wrote, =
"This year, just buy your own present!" and mailed them =

She =
enjoyed the usual flurry of family festivities, and it was only after =
the holiday that she noticed that she had received very few cards in =
return and not even one ‘thank you’ note from anyone! =
Puzzled over this, she went to her desk, intending to write to a couple =
of her relatives and ask what had happened.


As she cleared off the clutter, she got the answer. Under =
a stack of papers, she was horrified to find all the gift checks which =
she had obviously forgotten to enclose with the cards.



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