12/24/19 Grif.Net – Modern Christmas Story

12/24/19 Grif.Net – Modern Christmas Story

[A =
Christmas Story.=A0 Kinda.]

One day Caesar =
tweeted his followers of which there were many, “Yo! It’s =
time to pay your taxes #ObeyMeOrElse”


All over the =
world people logged onto Travelocity for the best deals in getting back =
to their hometowns.


And Joe =
googled the best prices on his iPhone which was a gift from his fianc=E9 =
Mary and booked a flight on Southwest airlines for behold they had no =
baggage fees and Mary and Joe were rather poor after =


While they =
were traveling they searched Craig’s List for baby items and hoped =
it wouldn’t be born on the plane.


Alas, when =
they arrived they found they had no hotel room as Joe had neglected to =
click on the book-a-room button while paying for the flight online with =
Judean Express.


So Mary gave =
birth to her first born son in the back of a Costco store, because after =
all they do have ginormous panda bears and more diapers than you’d =
ever need, free samples and those incredible peanut butter-filled =


And there were =
in same county associates working in the Target, Wal-Mart and =
Sam’s Club, for the stores were open 24-7 when lo, a mass text was =
sent out from Hark, the social media angel.

And it =
said “Hey, get on over to Costco, there’s something amazing =
going on and we’re not talking just a =


And so they =
went and found Mary and Joe and Jesus in the Costco, walking the aisles =
collecting diapers, rattles, toys, cribs, pacifiers and other assorted =
baby items.

And =
suddenly there was a flash mob singing “Glory to God” and =
posting Instagram’s of the baby online.


A video of the =
event from Joe’s iPhone went viral and all was well. =




Dr Bob Griffin = =

"Jesus =
Knows Me, This I Love!"