11/29/19 Grif.Net – Reflections on Thanksgiving

11/29/19 Grif.Net – Reflections on Thanksgiving

‘If my =
grandmother saw me making mashed potatoes from a box, she would turn =
over in her gravy.”


“My =
family asked me not to tell any lame ‘Dad Jokes’ at the =
table, but I couldn’t quit cold =


“Not =
saying I ate too much, but does anyone know how to let out my =


“Before =
accepting an invitation to dinner at our house, remember that our family =
considers gravy a beverage.”


s said they would choose songs for the meal fitting with the original =
Thanksgiving. I didn’t know Plymouth Rock was a music =


“The =
only thing not hungry at our table was the turkey.  It was already =


“The =
police interrupted our dinner.  They suspected there was fowl play =
in the kitchen.”


“Before =
we eat, we go around the table saying what we each are thankful =
for.  Grandson said, ‘I’m thankful I’m not a =



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