11/07/19 Grif.Net – Dust (part 2)

11/07/19 Grif.Net – Dust (part 2)

After Micah =
and his family returned from the cemetery, his mother thought he finally =
understood the concept of “Dust thou art, to dust =
returnest”, and sent him to play in his =


As he was =
building a Lego house on the floor, one of the little blocks flipped =
under his bed.  He pulled up the edge of the spread and looked =
under the bed for the missing block.  What he noticed, however, =
were a few clumps of dust that hadn’t been vacuumed up =
lately.  He was mortified!


He ran out to =
tell his mother what he’d discovered. “Mom, I don’t =
know which, but I looked under my bed and someone’s either coming =
or going.”



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