10/15/19 Grif.Net – Updates

10/15/19 Grif.Net – Updates

[So many of my friends say the funniest stuff. Way funnier =
than my lame humor and I am constantly smiling . . . and stealing to =
make minion memes]

Wayne wondered when his wife got up, went to =
the kitchen and returned with a slice of cake, if this would get crumbs =
all over the bed. "Don’t worry," she replied, "it’s a =
sheet cake."


Lyssa =
admitted, “I am not self-medicating with chocolate. The lady at =
the shop wrote me a prescription.  Well, she called it a receipt. =


Wayne shared, “My great grandfather always used to =
call me William. I thought it was him just being silly, but I later =
discovered I was going to the wrong house.”

Lori prayed, =
“Lord, I want to sit at Your feet like Mary today, but can You =
invite Martha over to clean my house?”


Ken related, “I’m not sure how many cookies it takes =
to be happy, but so far today it’s not twenty-seven.”


Donna confided, “My housekeeping style is best =
described in police reports as ‘There appears to have been a =


James reminded us, “You know when you buy a bag of =
salad and it becomes all brown and soggy? Cookies don’t do =


Rhoda confessed, “I think it’s weird how some =
days I feel reasonably health, and other days I feel like a busted can =
of biscuits.”


Joshua saw a =
pizza-delivery vehicle with sticker that said, “Driver carries no =
cash. He’s married.”


Billy ranted, “If an 11th plague in Egypt would have =
been necessary, it would be the raining of pumpkin spice onto every item =
of food.”


Sue stated, =
The last thing I =
want to do is hurt you. But it’s still on the =



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Knows Me, This I Love!"