10/14/19 Grif.Net – Letters You do NOT want to Get

10/14/19 Grif.Net – Letters You do NOT want to Get

Dear Dad =

I am writing =
to ask if there is a limitation to the number of cars our liability =
insurance covers . . .


Dear Nephew =

You know last =
summer when you broke the vase my grandfather had given me? Remember I =
told you a hundred bucks would be fine, but you insisted I get it =

Well, boy I’m =
glad you did. I hope you’re sitting down because the museum’s curator of =
13th Century art says . . .


Dear Frequent =
Flyer Priority Member –

The purpose of =
this letter is to inform you that the purebred puppy you were sending to =
Oakland, California, was inadvertently shipped to Auckland, New Zealand =
. . .


Dear Buddy =

So why am I =
writing to you after all these years? Well, it seems that the university =
made a mistake; they swapped our transcripts.  Isn’t that a hoot? =
And all these years I thought I had graduated by the skin of my teeth. =
And all these years you thought you were summa cum =


Dear Mrs/Ms =

Recently you =
purchased from us a home pregnancy diagnostic kit. We are writing to =
inform you that there has been a mistake in the =

What you =
thought you were, you aren’t. What you thought you weren’t, you =



Dr Bob Griffin = =

"Jesus =
Knows Me, This I Love!"