09/12/19 Grif.Net – Helpful Mortician

09/12/19 Grif.Net – Helpful Mortician

The widow took a look at her dearly departed a few minutes =
before the funeral service and, to her horror, found that he was in an =
old brown suit. She’d specifically said to the undertaker that she =
wanted him buried in his blue suit she’d brought it especially for that =
occasion, and she was distressed that the mortician had left him in the =
same brown suit he’d been wearing when he died.


She demanded that the corpse be changed into the blue suit =
she’d provided.  The undertaker said, "But madam! It’s only =
ten minutes until the funeral is scheduled to begin! We can’t possibly =
take him out and get him changed in that short of time.


The lady looked unflinchingly at him and asked, =
"Who’s paying for this?"


Seeing the logic to her argument, a very reluctant =
mortician wheeled the coffin out, but then wheeled it back in with time =
to spare! And the corpse was in a blue suit.


After the ceremony, the now well-satisfied widow =
complimented the undertaker on the smooth and speedy service. She =
especially wanted to know how he’d been able to get her husband into a =
blue suit so fast.


The funeral director said, "Oh, it was easy. It =
happens that there was another body in the back room and he was already =
dressed in a blue suit. All we had to do was switch =


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