09/05/19 Grif.Net – Important Questions

09/05/19 Grif.Net – Important Questions

**If Satan goes bald, will there be Hell =


**Since =
according to Greek mythology, Chiron was half horse and half human =
doctor, does this make him the Centaur for Disease =


**Do I need a =
current license to drive an electric car?


**What is your =
favorite time?  Mine is 6:30, hands down.


**If you refer to Mary as "The =
Mother of God", then logically would her sister Elizabeth be the =
“Auntie Christ"?


**How can I see where I’ll be a year from now =
without 2020 vision?


**Is the number 3 just a piece of pi?


**If a king =
sleeps on a king size mattress and a queen sleeps on a queen size =
mattress, does a prince sleep on an heir =



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"Jesus Knows Me, This I =