08/20/19 Grif.Net – Status Updates from Friends

08/20/19 Grif.Net – Status Updates from Friends

Kenneth asked, “How many roads must a man travel =
down before he admits he is lost?”


Scott said, “When checking my balance at the ATM, I =
always select the ‘no receipt’ option. Nobody needs to carry =
around that kind of negativity in their lives.”


Tim commented, “Colorado marijuana taxes add up to =
around 29%. If you think that’s high, you should see the =


Billy added, “When I was younger I wasn’t as old as =
I am right now.”


Dan confessed, “Nothing says, ‘You never =
appreciate what you’ve got ’til it’s gone’ like running out of =
toilet paper.“


Richard =
admitted, “When the automatic gas pumps ask me to select a grade I =
usually give a B for quality and an F for pricing”


Sophia said, =
“People who read books are, like, so dumb. How hard is it when the =
pages are literally numbered and in =


John said, =
I talk a lot of =
smack for someone who tips over putting his pants on.”


Craig warned, “Don’t tell me about your =
childhood problems.  My parents forced me to watch Lawrence =


Marie wondered, “I was asked how I eat precious =
creatures like deer.  I’m wondering if they are rhetorical or =
looking for recipes?”


Gordy remembered, “I love putting =
the car in Reverse and driving. It really takes me =



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