07/19/19 Grif.Net – Like My Dog

07/19/19 Grif.Net – Like My Dog

At the reunion =
I chatted with grandkids about the advantages of how me getting old was =
like our dog.   After all, the dog and me . . =


~No one =
expects much of us.

~We’re =
both in the same old leaky boat.

~We can get =
away with a looser standard of behavior.

~We can =
scratch ourselves wherever and whenever we =

~We can =
pretend being deaf when grandma calls.

~We can lie =
around doing nothing all day.


I thought they =
caught the parallelism and would find it funny.


But one =
warned, “Grandpa, remember that when you start drinking out of the =
toilet, we’ll put you in the nursing =



Dr Bob Griffin = =

"Jesus =
Knows Me, This I Love!"