04/16/19 Grif.Net – Status Updates

04/16/19 Grif.Net – Status Updates

[I have 1400 Facebook friends. As I checked their posts, I’m =
thinking I might need a new class of friend.]

From Richard =
– I was diagnosed with kleptomania, but I’m taking stuff for =


From Christina – I called my boss and asked if I could stay in =
bed and come to work late.  He said ‘Dream on’.  I =
think that was mighty kind of him.


From Ken – Went to the Air & Space Museum, but there was =
nothing there.


From Maria – I was addicted to Tide pods, but I’m clean =


From Billy – Do I love my job? No.  But does my job afford =
me to go on lavish vacations and buy things I love?  Also, =


From Larry =
– For peace of mind, I’ve resigned as general manager of the =


From Mike =
– Maintaining a healthy diet is a piece of =


From John =
– I am fat but identify as skinny.  I call myself =


From Marilyn =
– 90% of people are idiots. I’m glad I’m in the other =


From Chuck – Some people stop to smell the roses.  Me? I =
stop to smell the bacon.


From Adam =
– Beauty comes in all sizes. Small. Large. Circle. Square. Thin =
crust. Thick crust. Stuffed crust.  Extra on top. =


From Margie =
– Spring is here and I was so excited I just wet my =


From Wayne =
– If there were extra-terrestrial =
beings out there, no doubt when they ride by earth they lock their =


From Pat – I eat mostly whole foods now.  Whole pizzas, =
whole cakes, whole cartons of ice cream.


From Sue – I accidentally handed my hubby a glue stick instead =
of his chap stick. He still isn’t talking to me.



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Knows Me, This I Love!"