03/13/19 Grif.Net – Sweet Responses

03/13/19 Grif.Net – Sweet Responses

[Sometimes you =
just need a way to GET BACK at someone for their mean comment or deed =
(or general character). Try one of these =E2=80=9CSweet =
Responses=E2=80=9D on them. They might not realize the wallop for a =


You must have =
had a happy childhood since your dad walked you to school because you =
are both in the same grade


You must get =
complimented on a great vocabular since you can say complete sentences =
without using a single word from Webster’s =


You must be =
proud to have your license plate personalized because your uncle made it =
for you in the pen


You must safe =
a lot of time and effort only having to dust off the silverware once a =
year when relatives come over for Thanksgiving


You must think =
of yourself as a =E2=80=98celebrity=E2=80=99 because your picture =
appears in post offices throughout the country


You must pride =
yourself in having an attention span shorter than a documentary on =
French war heroes


You must be a =
little sad since you received a rejection letter from the =
=E2=80=9CInternational Ugly Personality Contest=E2=80=9D because they =
said "Sorry, no professionals =



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Knows Me, This I Love!"