03/02/19 Weekend Grif.Net – Rejoice in Doing Evil

03/02/19 Weekend Grif.Net – Rejoice in Doing Evil

Are =
non-believers dissatisfied with their lives? Are they empty or unhappy =
with their actions or thoughts? From what I see, most seem to be getting =
along just fine without Christ and don’t seem unhappy at all. =

How can =
this be? The Bible teaches that God looks at their hearts and says they =
WICKNESS” (Proverbs 2:14). They ARE happy in doing what God calls =
wrong, what is appalling to anyone with moral values, what is a dark =
blot on the soul of humanity.


The world has =
witnessed in America’s recent political realms the UNTHINKABLE DEPTH OF =
DERAVITY and inhuman wickedness beyond imagination. How could anyone =
with a heart support butchering babies or "letting" them just =
starve to death? Yet Senators vote proudly and Democrat candidates =
announce Presidential bids appealing to the basest action of inhuman =
monsters. They have mothers applaud their vile actions. They =
"rejoice" and "delight" in who can endorse the =
greatest evil.


We know the =
ultimate fate of such people. God’s Word is clear (whether one wants to =
believe it or not). So of the most vile and wicked we pray NOT for their =
sure-judgment in eternal hell, but for God’s grace to enlighten their =
hearts and minds before it is too late, bringing them to repentance from =
sin and faith in the Gospel of Christ.


It may be too =
late for our nation and a society that rewards calling good =
"evil" and then in turn labels what is evil as =
"good". Mercy has limits and what is sown surely will be =
reaped. But while society spins into a death spiral, the message to the =
individual is still one of eternal hope and real joy in being united =
with Christ.


What those =
"happy" in endorsing evil and finding "delight" in =
all that is perverse and vile need to recognize is that this life is =
short. Judgment is certain. The laughter and clapping stops at the =
grave, and the screams and torments of eternal hell await. Come to =
Christ before the opportunity is gone.



Dr Bob Griffin = =

"Jesus =
Knows Me, This I Love!"