01/11/19 Grif.Net – Even MORE Annoying Drivers

01/11/19 Grif.Net – Even MORE Annoying Drivers

[LAST batch of =
complaints about annoying drivers]

10. Drivers whose parking is =
so careless/crooked they take up more than one =


9. Drivers =
without proper placard parking in the marked handicapped spots (and =
making me walk much further).


8. Drivers who continue to sit as the light turns =
green because they are looking down at a cell =


7. Parking in =
a snowy lot and have others then park in “row” in front AND =
a “row” behind you, trapping your =


6. Women who =
put on mascara or other make-up while swerving.


5. Clearing =
only enough ice off windshield on a winter morning to have a small slit =
of vision for driver.


4. Drivers who =
assume no one is watching while they pick their nose, pop zits, floss, =


3. Driver =
doesn’t apologize (by a sheepish look or humble thumbs up) =
admitting he did something stupid and we survived =


2. Pick-up =
truck with a huge load and nothing tied down, just waiting to blow into =
the roadway in front of you.


1. Driver who =
circles the same block 8-10 times looking for a parking spot in front of =
the bakery.
(Oh, wait. That was me.)



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