01/10/19 Grif.Net – MORE Annoying Drivers

01/10/19 Grif.Net – MORE Annoying Drivers

TEN MORE ways =
drivers annoy me


10. Cars with =
bumper stickers saying “Vote For Carter for =


9. Drivers who =
can’t grasp what the directional arrows painted on lanes at the =
mall parking lot indicate.


8. Drivers who =
signal for a left turn, then actually turn =


7. Cars that =
try to beat the train by going around the arm barriers on the =


6. Drivers who =
park along the street, then swing open their door as I’m driving =


5. Women who =
drive with 3 dogs on their lap, each dog seeking the open =


4. Drivers who =
don’t take their turns at 4-way stops.


3. Oncoming =
drivers who leave headlights on high beam when meeting =


2. People who =
empty ashtrays on the pavement in parking lots.


1. Drivers in =
front of me who travel too close to me.



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