01/09/19 Grif.Net – Annoying Drivers

01/09/19 Grif.Net – Annoying Drivers

Ten ways OTHER =


10. Try to =
suffocate me with their diesel exhaust fumes at every red =


9. Drivers =
whose bumper stickers are too small to read without tailgating =


8. Slow cars =
in the fast lane.


7. Fast cars =
in the slow lane.


6. People who =
treat their brake pedal like a drum pedal in a rap =


5. Drivers =
going 80 mph thru Walmart Parking lot.


4. Drivers who =
turn on their blinker when they plan to make a turn sometime in the next =
13 miles.


3. Drivers who =
leave their shopping cart in the parking spot at the grocery =


2. Drivers =
going around me when I’m stopped for a school bus with flashing =
lights letting off kids.


And the MOST =
annoying driver on the road?

1. Drivers who =
park so close to me in a lot that I can’t get my door open to get =
back into my car.



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