12/27/18 Grif.Net – Tired of Hearing This?

12/27/18 Grif.Net – Tired of Hearing This?

[I am a =
=E2=80=9Csenior=E2=80=9D and some remarks get old easily. Just warning =


=80=99re doing well =E2=80=93 for your =


=80=99re not getting any younger, you =


=80=99re just remarkable!=E2=80=9D (Meaning: How can you do what you do =
when you=E2=80=99re so aged and decrepit?)


=E2=80=9CAre =
you really THAT old?=C2=A0 You sure don=E2=80=99t show =


spry for your age, eh?=E2=80=9D


=80=99re so cute.=E2=80=9D=C2=A0 (When you=E2=80=99ve never been cute in =
your life, =E2=80=9Ccute=E2=80=9D is a euphemism for =


=80=99ll probably outlive us all.=E2=80=9D (from my 32 year-old doctor; =
fat chance of that.)


As Milton =
Berle once said, =E2=80=9CI=E2=80=99m growing old by myself. My wife =
hasn=E2=80=99t had a birthday in years.=E2=80=9D
😊 =



Dr Bob Griffin = =

"Jesus =
Knows Me, This I Love!"