11/08/18 Grif.Net – Advice from Dad

11/08/18 Grif.Net – Advice from Dad

**My dad said =
no one is perfect and that we should learn to embrace our =
mistakes.  Then he gave me a big hug.


**Dad advises his daughter: "Never forget, sweetie, you’re =
unique, like everyone else."

**A boy asked his dad, “Am I adopted?”  His dad =
replied, “Not yet. It seems nobody is interested yet, but we hope =
there’s still time.“

**Dad boasted, “I’m such a great =
cook, even the smoke alarm gets all excited when I’m in the =

**Out camping, the child asked, “Dad, =
is this insecticide good for mosquitos?"  Dad replied, =
"Not at all; it kills them!"


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