10/27/18 Weekend Grif.Net – The Other Side of the Door

10/27/18 Weekend Grif.Net – The Other Side of the Door

There was an =
old country doctor who would take his dog along with him when visiting =
patients. The dog would remain outside while the doctor went in for the =
house call.


On one =
occasion, the physician went to the home of a man with a terminal =
disease who didn’t seem to have much time to live. The man =
confessed to the doctor his fears about death and asked, =
“What’s it like when you die?”


The doctor =
thought for a moment, then got up and opened the front door. His loyal =
canine friend, who had been waiting patiently on the porch, gleefully =
bounded in to join his master.


The doctor =
turned to the dying man and said, “Do you see this dog? He =
didn’t have any idea what was on this side of that door. All he =
knew was that his master was there, and he wanted to be with =


17;s how I feel about death,” the physician continued. “I =
don’t really know all the what’s and how’s about =
dying. I’m not totally sure what’s on the other side of that =
door. But I know Who is there, and that’s enough for me. I’m =
looking forward to being with my Master.”



Dr Bob Griffin

"Jesus Knows Me, This I =