09/26/18 Grif.Net – Reports from my Friends

09/26/18 Grif.Net – Reports from my Friends

Ken H related, =
“Although I’m often late, I always gets my Halloween costume =
at least two months in advance.”


Christina =
said, “When I die I want the Detroit Lions to be my pallbearers so =
they can let me down one last time.”


Scott wrote, =
“People are usually shocked when they find out I’m not a =
good electrician.”


Mark T said, =
“I tried using ‘beefstew’ as a password, but it was =
denied.  Computer said it wasn’t =


Beth posted, =
‘The average woman goes on 7 diets in her lifetime. What a joke. I =
was on 7 diets yesterday.”


Charlotte gave =
a pro tip: “If you stir coconut oil into your kale while cooking, =
it makes it easier to scrape into the =


Ken M =
proposed, “Change is good, as long as I don’t have to do =
anything different.”


Wayne informed =
us, “Starbucks announced it is closing 150 stores next year.  =
And that is in just one mall.”



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