08/29/18 Grif.Net – What my Friends Say . . .

08/29/18 Grif.Net – What my Friends Say . . .

What my =
friends are saying:

Nate =3D “I must be hot stuff. The =
cashiers around here are always checking me =


Robert =3D =
“A man was arrested recently for stealing an idol from a museum in =
hopes of auctioning it off.=A0 Baal has been set at =


Laurie =3D =
“Two men walked into a bar. Of course, the women =


Steve =3D =
“Why did the chicken go to the s=E9ance? To get to the other =


Carole =3D =
“Too old for Snapchat, too young for Life =


Scott =3D =
“I saw a sign that said, ‘Falling Rocks.’=A0 I tried =
it. It doesn’t.”


Sheri =3D =
“If you think I’m crazy now, wait until the Packer game is =


Tim =3D =
“Stalin should have known that communism doesn’t work. There were =
red flags everywhere.”


Margaret =3D =
“My summer diet starts with a large salad bowl. Filled with ice =


Richard =3D =
“It’s so hot, I left the toilet seat up just to get an icy =
stare from my wife.”


Rhonda =3D =
“Somedays you can tell it is going to be a ‘does not play =
well with others’ kinda day.”


Ken =3D =
“Daniel slept in a lion’s den. Peter slept in a prison. =
Jesus slept in a storm. No matter your circumstances, take a =


Paul =3D =
“The dinosaurs didn’t drink coffee, and we all know how that =
turned out.”



Dr Bob Griffin

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