08/15/18 Grif.Net – New Car-Maker

08/15/18 Grif.Net – New Car-Maker

When I saw my =
old mechanic I asked, "Hey, whatever happened to Louie who used to =
work on cars with you?"


21;, he replied, "he got this crazy idea in his head that he’s =
gonna make a new kind of car."


“New =
kind? How was he going to do that?"


My mechanic =
continued, "He took a motor from a Chevy, tires from a Ford, seats =
from a Caddy, hubcaps from a Dodge…. you get the =


17;s great”, I replied. "So how did it turn out? What did he =
end up with?"


"Ten =
years, but with good behavior, he’ll be out in =



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Knows Me, This I Love!"