07/31/18 Grif.Net – Cruising for a Pun?

07/31/18 Grif.Net – Cruising for a Pun?

A musician who =
joined an orchestra on a cruise ship was having difficulty keeping time =
with the rest of the band.

Finally, the =
captain said, "Either you learn to keep time or I’ll throw you =
overboard. It’s up to you, sync or swim."



A panhandler =
was caught trying to sneak aboard a Princess liner about to embark on a =
three-day trip to the Bahamas.

He was caught =
by the Purser who threw him off the ship telling him, “Beggars =
can’t be cruisers.”



They are =
running out of clever names for the new ships entering the cruise =
industry so I thought I’d help:
*SS Dock =

*SS Seas the =

*SS Pier =
*SS Bacon in =
the Sun

*SS =
Breakin’ Wind

*SS =

*SS Xanax =

*SS It’s =
Aboat Time

*SS Vitamin =



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