07/23/18 Grif.Net – Thoughts “On Board”

07/23/18 Grif.Net – Thoughts “On Board”

[Thoughts going thru my brain on every cruise I =

I have no cruise control.  It’s like they almost =
book themselves.


A cruise is =
great for a lot of reasons: relaxing by the pool, dancing the night =
away, eating 10 meals a day AND gaining back every pound I struggled to =
lose before I went on the cruise.


I need to =
work to support my cruise addiction.


My wife =
reminded me to pack my “fat pants” so I’ll have =
something to wear when we disembark.


Not saying =
I’ve gained a little weight, but I came on board as a =
“passenger” and will leave as =


But taking =
grandkids on a cruise? I am not paying for a “trip”; =
I’m paying for an “experience”.



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