07/18/18 Grif.Net – Diet Week, Day Three

07/18/18 Grif.Net – Diet Week, Day Three

I hope when I =
inevitably choke to death on gummy bears my obituary will just say I was =
killed by bears and leave it at that.


Why am I =
bothering to eat this chocolate? I might as well apply it directly to my =


8217; and ‘often’ on some diet programs doesn’t mean a trip =
to the refrigerator every 15 minutes.


The best =
reducing exercise is to shake the head violently from side to side when =
offered a second helping.


It’s here in =
the Health Farm rules: Eating the furniture is thought of as =


I was doing =
quite well till I got hooked on diet crackers.


There was only =
one occasion in my life when I put myself on a strict diet, and that was =
the most miserable afternoon I’ve ever spent.


Liquid diets – =
the powder is mixed with water and tastes exactly like powder mixed with =



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