06/21/18 Grif.Net – Signs in Restaurants

06/21/18 Grif.Net – Signs in Restaurants

[Real signs posted in restaurants’ windows, with =
some of my comments added after]


Chinese =
magic: All winter fat changed here into spring rolls.


Pilates? =
Close. We offer “pie” and “lattes”.  (Now, =
THAT is a place for my next workout)


Open 8 days =
a week; closed Sundays.


Look down. =
If you are wearing socks with your sandals, we are closed.  (WAIT! =
I resemble that remark)


Soup of the =
Day: Whiskey.  (I want to ask “and what?” but then I =
thought maybe it was just a rich broth)


Buy 3 =
dinners for the price of 3.   (What a =


Eat here or we both will starve.  (Probably the =
most honest sign I’ve seen lately)


Can’t =
turn water into wine, but can turn tacos into =



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