06/01/18 Grif.Net – That Time Again

06/01/18 Grif.Net – That Time Again

[First weekday =
of every month we try to ‘wow’ you with clever =
word-play.  But after an ENTIRE MONTH OF MAY with lousy puns, this =
first-of-the-month offering  probably won’t work, =

Did you hear about the Bass Pro Shop huge paddle =
sale?  Salesmen there said it was one of the biggest oar deals =


I wanted to =
watch the World Origami Championship on TV, but it was paper view. =


In April I =
finally got out of snow and cold to visit California, thanks to a =
well-thawed-out plan.


And now =
I’m out of Kleenex since I have a full-blown =



Dr Bob Griffin = =

"Jesus Knows Me, This I =