05/04/18 Grif.Net – Month of PUns, #4

05/04/18 Grif.Net – Month of PUns, #4

A MONTH OF PUNS.=A0 Each weekday, we will share a couple truly bad =
word-plays, puns and groaners.]

Our bakery has Obi Wan cannoli on =
sale for today only.


Our =
caf=E9 is offering Wookie Steak sandwiches on May the 4th, but =
personally I thought they were a little Chewie.


Our =
internet provider today is opening all PDF files free with their new =
Adobe Wan Kenobi program.

Our =
garden club invited Yoda to speak today because they heard he had a =
green thumb.


Okay. =
Enough.=A0 On this special ‘Star Wars Day’, I will quit.=A0 =
Metaphors be with you.



Dr Bob =
Griffin =

"Jesus Knows Me, This I =