04/28/18 Weekend Grif.Net – Birthday Messages

04/28/18 Weekend Grif.Net – Birthday Messages

While a good husband is =
supposed to “remember his wife’s birthday but not her =
age”, my wife reaches 70 today and we ARE celebrating this =
wonderful milestone.  I am working on five possible messages to =
enclose in a homemade card (that looks like it was designed in =
pre-school).   Looking for affirmation if you think one is =
really good.  Or suggestions, since all are pretty lame. =


Choice #1 – For me your =
birthday is just like every other day . . . because with you by side, =
every day is a celebration. Thank you so much for being the love of my =
life and making it so meaningful.


Choice #2 – I amassed a huge =
debt on the day I married you – a debt of unconditional love and =
undying commitment. I promise to keep repaying this debt until my very =
last breath. I love you.


Choice #3 – If a genie decided =
to grant me one wish, I would tell him that I’ve already got what =
I want in life – a loving and caring wife like you. =


Choice #4 – On birthdays people =
wish for many things, but for me there are just two words: =
“always” and “never”.  Always be my side =
and never leave me. I love you so much, darling.


Choice #5 – You’re still =
the wonderful woman I married nearly five decades ago. I’m so =
grateful for every day that you are by my side. Happy =


Okay.  Lame-R-Us.  =
What would my readers suggest? 



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