04/21/18 Weekend Grif.Net – An Unexpected Appointment

04/21/18 Weekend Grif.Net – An Unexpected Appointment

Wayne Muri is an old college buddy who pastors in Michigan. His timely =
reminder is worthy of solemn reflection this weekend by =


y now you’ve all heard about the woman who was nearly sucked out =
of a Southwest plane window in flight and died of her injuries. We joke =
about stuff like this happening, and there are more than a few instances =
of this occurring in movies, but in real life? Never happens. But on =
Tuesday it did.


ow, think about the poor lady who died. One assumes she got up that =
morning, went through her normal routine, double-checked the flight time, made her way to the airport, =
went through security, found the gate, boarded the plane, stuffed her =
carry-on in the overhead bin, and settled into her seat next to the =
window for the flight.


t no time in this entire process did it ever occur to her that the =
window would explode and her life would be snuffed out. She wasn’t =
expecting to die today. Her thoughts were on what was going to happen on =
the other end of the flight–but she was thinking “airport”, =
not “eternity”.


he wasn’t the only one to die on Tuesday. A lot people died. Auto =
accidents, industrial accidents, violent crime, and medical events =
— but know this, none of them were expecting it. No one knows the =
hour or the day of their death. Which means we have to be ready to face =
eternity at all times.

Jennifer Riordan’s last day was Tuesday. She was ready for the =
events planned for that day, but was she prepared for the possibility =
that death would interrupt her schedule? More to the point: how do YOU =
know today is not your end-of-life-appointment?


nd if it is, are you prepared for what comes =



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