02/28/18 Grif.Net – Musings as February Ends

02/28/18 Grif.Net – Musings as February Ends

I was terribly embarrassed that everyone had to see the "World’s =
Greatest Driver" bumper sticker on my wife’s car when it got =
pulled out of the snowdrift.


I thought I saw a spider on the floor. Turns out it was a paper clip. =
Anyway, it’s extremely dead now. Everyone relax.


They say when you get to heaven you get your wings. I sure hope mine =
have ranch dressing, too.


Ran into some friends at the store and they asked how my wife was. I =
mentioned she had the flu and the guy responded, "Have you tried =
euthanasia?" His wife yelled, "It’s echinacea, you =
moron.” They do not seem to be having a very happy new =


The mechanic has informed me that the shrieking sound I hear in my =
Subaru whenever I’m out driving thru the snow is my =


Lost my balance on the ice a few weeks ago and discovered something =
great – I am a natural at break-dancing.



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