02/23/18 Grif.Net – At a Loss

02/23/18 Grif.Net – At a Loss

[Weakly check-up on my diet saga]


With my =
hobbies, I have trouble with weight gain.  Of course, my hobbies =
include eating and complaining about getting fat.


Of all parts =
of my body, my eyes get the most exercise.  I must roll them a =
hundred times a day.


I’m =
irritated when I gain 25 pounds for my next movie role, that I also =
remember I’m not an actor.


Whoever =
snuck in the ‘s’ in ‘fast food’ was really =


I hate it when at the store I think I’m buying =
organic vegetables, and then get home and find they’re just =
regular donuts.



Dr Bob Griffin = =

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