02/14/18 Grif.Net – Reed and Enjoy

02/14/18 Grif.Net – Reed and Enjoy

ia” is the incorrect use of words – particularly replacing =
one word with another word that sounds similar but has a diffident =
meaning – possibly fueled by a deep-seeded desire to sound more =
educated, witch results in an attempt to pawn off an incorrect word in =
place of a correct one.


In academia, =
such flaunting of common social morays is seen as almost sorted, and =
might result in the offender becoming a piranha in the monday world. =
After all is set and done, such a miner era will often leave normal =
people unphased.


This is just =
as well sense people of that elk are unlikely to tow the line =
irregardless of any attempt to better educate them. =


A small =
percentage, however, suffer from severe acryrologiaphobia, and it is =
their upmost desire to see English used properly. Exposure may cause =
them symptoms that may resemble post-dramatic stress disorder and, =
eventually, descend into whole-scale outrage as they go star-craving =
mad. Eventually, they will succumb to the stings and arrows of such =
barrage, and suffer a complete metal breakdown, leaving them curled up =
in a feeble position.



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