02/09/18 Grif.Net – Tally for the Month

02/09/18 Grif.Net – Tally for the Month

[Getting closer to my dieting goal started on January =
15th – surviving until Valentine’s Day.  =
Here’s the latest update]


Now =
I’m really into Cross-Fit.  Every morning I Cross my fingers =
and hope I can Fit into my jeans.


Some people =
think of their body as a temple.  I look in the mirror and think of =
it as a bouncy castle.


I choked on =
a carrot I was nibbling this afternoon and immediately thought “I =
bet a Krispy Kreme donut would not have done this to =


I tried on my suit pants and they still didn’t =
fit, so I threw them in a pile on the floor and said sternly, “You =
just stay there for a while and think about what you’ve =


When jogging I carry a pocket knife.  Never know =
when I may be confronted with a mugger or a cheesecake.



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