02/07/18 Grif.Net – About Clothes

02/07/18 Grif.Net – About Clothes

I was =
standing in line behind a gal at McDonald’s who was wearing jeans with a =
patch on the back pocket that said "Guess". So, I tapped her =
on the shoulder and said “I’m thinking 250, maybe 300 =

My favorite way to dress is in all black, but then =
my fashion sense is second to nun.

When I golf I wear two pairs =
of pants. That way I’m covered in case I get a hole in =

Daughter gets really frustrated trying to put clothes in her =
closet. Think she could do with some classes on hanger =

My wife only has two complaints about clothes. She =
has nothing to wear and not enough closet space.

I can never have =
a discussion with friends in the fashion industry. Personally, I think =
they are too clothes minded.

Overheard sneakers talking to my =
baseball cap. “You go on ahead.  I’ll come after on =


From my =
selfies you may deduce that my yoga pants have never actually been to =


Dr Bob =
Griffin =

"Jesus Knows Me, This I =