02/06/18 Grif.Net – How My Week Began

02/06/18 Grif.Net – How My Week Began

I had a =
math test in school today, and I couldn’t remember what 51, 6, and =
500 were in Roman Numerals. I was just LIVID.


I may =
not get everything done this week. Only Robinson Crusoe had everything =
done each week by Friday.


I have =
decided that if some of my friends do not attend my funeral, then I will =
not attend theirs.


I had =
someone throw a bottle of omega-3 at me. Fortunately, my injuries were =
only super fish oil.


My =
friends wonder why Leviticus has so many laws about what you eat. Well, =
did you notice teenagers are eating laundry detergent =


When people =
accept me for who I am, I seriously question their judgment.


I =
don’t understand how I can remember every word from a song from =
1958 and can’t remember why I went to the =



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