01/29/18 Grif.Net – Eight Ate

01/29/18 Grif.Net – Eight Ate

Fun with homonyms (words that sound the same, but have =
different spellings and different meanings) is served up to begin our =
week.  Each question asked must be answered by at least two =


Ex: “If four couples went to a restaurant, how =
many people dined?”

Answer: =
Eight Ate


1. What would we do if we found bad plants spoiling =
our lawn? 


2. What is a =
reddish/purple vegetable that is all worn out?


3. What do =
you say in the evening to a soldier in shining armor?


4. Who is =
married to Uncle Beetle?


5. What are =
groups of sailors on an ocean pleasure trip?


6. What is a =
group of musicians that isn’t allow to play?


7. What is a =
weird street of shops that sell incredible things?


8. If they =
are not here, where are they?


9. What is a =
great accomplishment using the ends of your legs?


10. What do =
you call a bucket that has seen a ghost?


11. What =
coins can detect odors?


12. If a =
devil is completely sinful, what is an angel?



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