01/25/18 Grif.Net – Weakly Diet Moaning

01/25/18 Grif.Net – Weakly Diet Moaning

[I started a month-long diet Jan 15. This is my second =
update on the grif net blog]


My dieting =
goal was to lose 20 pounds.  After nearly two weeks, I only have 25 =
to go.


I will never understand why some people say hurtful =
things, like ‘Try this kale’ or ‘Want to go for a =


My brain says ‘crunches’.  My stomach =
autocorrected it to ‘cupcakes’.


When asked =
why every 8 years or so I go on a diet, I have to admit it’s =
because nothing in my size fits me anymore.


I put the =
bathroom scale in the corner and that’s where she’ll stay =
until she apologizes to me.


My favorite =
exercise is a cross between a ‘lunge’ and a =
‘crunch’.  I call it =



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